The New Zealand Society of Neurophysiological Technologists is a national, professional association established to meet the needs of individuals employed as Neurophysiological Scientists/ Technologists.

Its goals include:

  • Ensuring that certain standards are met and maintained within the field and to work towards a system of training for Neurophysiological Scientists/ Technologists in New Zealand.
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of opinions and ideas relating to Neurophysiology.
  • Promoting public knowledge of Clinical Neurophysiology and the broad range of tests undertaken by those in the field.
  • To provide a New Zealand wide network of professional support.
  • The Association holds conferences annually to provide a venue for professional learning and interaction with complex clinical and technical presentations.

NZSNT Membership:

Only Physiologists working in NZ or with a job offer to work in NZ within the field of Neurophysiology can apply to be member of the society.

To be a full member of NZNT you must have a degree in Neurophysiology and practical experience with a practical / board exam. If you do not have a practical qualification or if you are a student working towards this you can apply to be an associate member.

Associate members are not eligible to join the Clinical physiology Registration Board without conditions being applied to their APC regarding their ability to practice without supervision.

To practice in Neurophysiology in NZ you should be a member of the NZNST and be registered with CPRB.

NZSNT Roles:

  • To aid and support the development of Clinical Neurophysiology nationally.
  • To develop and maintain professional standards of practice to promote patient safety.
  • Provide professional support for members (but does not act in the capacity of a trade union).
  • Ultimately we aim to develop a training program for members to demonstrate their levels of expertise and competency along a career pathway.
  • To enable members to achieve their highest potential by providing opportunities for continuing professional development and other professional activities.
  • Inform and guide members through professional, meetings and events.

NZSNT is affiliated to the Organisation of Societies of Electrophysiological Technology (OSET) which is an international federation of such societies. OSET fosters international co-operation in setting occupational standards for technologists and also publishes a newsletter as well as holding an International Congress every four years.